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Celebrate WITMonth

August 2024

Every story counts.

Every perspective makes a difference. What happens when some voices simply aren’t heard? Women In Translation seeks to rectify the imbalance in world literature, promoting women writers from across all walks of life, all languages, and all experiences. Whether translated into English, translated between different non-English languages, or still untranslated: women from all over the world deserve to have equal opportunities when it comes to literary recognition. We as readers deserve to have access to stories that truly reflect the vastness of the world in which we live, through different lenses shaped by language, culture, and experience.

The #womenintranslation project is:

International, intersectional, and built around the notion that all women* (*and transgender and nonbinary and intersex individuals) deserve to have their voices heard. This project is committed to giving space to women* from all countries, all languages, all religions, all ethnicities, all cultures, all sexualities, all marginalized gender identities, all abilities, all bodies, all classes, and all ages. Due to the stunning gender disparity in non-English language literature, this project will focus on all literature written by women* in any language other than English, regardless of the language in which it is read or discussed. This project shall not discriminate based on literary genre or designation, seeking instead to open as many gates as possible to all readers. This project is open to all readers, from all languages, from all countries, in the hopes that together we may build a better world.


Only 36% of books translated into English are from non-European countries.


Less than 31% of translation into English are written by women.


9 years of global community participation in the Women in Translation project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Women in Translation (WIT) project?

Why do we even need this?

How can I get involved?

Colorful Book Spines


Women in Translation is a volunteer run project. Your donations help us maintain this website and go towards future projects to promote women in translation.

If you are a graphic designer and/or artist and are interested in supporting this project with art or design, please contact Meytal through our contact form.

Thank you!

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