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The Women in Translation movement (WIT) is a global effort centered around the idea that women who write in languages other than English deserve to be widely read and appreciated. WIT was sparked in late 2013 by a series of independent observations as to the dearth of women writers in translation, by translator Alison Anderson and later by blogger Meytal Radzinski. As the movement has grown, an increasing number of literary voices - amateur, academic, and industry - have joined together to both understand where the publishing imbalance comes from, as well as find solutions and promote existing writers. Margaret Carson, Chad Post, Alta L. Price, Helen Vassallo, Chantal Wright, and countless others have been pivotal voices in curating statistics, raising the profiles of women writers in translation, organizing academic conferences, and founding the Warwick Prize for Women in Translation. WIT has subsequently been featured in a number of prominent publications, such as Words Without Borders, The Guardian, the New York Times, and more.

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Meytal Radzinski

Meytal Radzinski is a research biologist, book blogger, and founder of the Women in Translation project. A life-long bibliophile, she began reviewing books online at age 11 before expanding her musings into her blog, Biblibio. Over time, she came to the realization that the translated literature she enjoyed was noticeably less likely to be written by women. She began to research and write about women writers in translation and, in August of 2014, spearheaded Women in Translation Month (WITMonth), which by 2020 included thousands of readers and dozens of bookstores participating in the yearly international celebration.

Meytal is a native bilingual of English and Hebrew and enjoys reading literature in both languages - especially translated literature by women. She is a PhD candidate in Structural Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

When not doing scientific research, advocating for parity in the publishing world, or enjoying the written word, Meytal is also a flautist, singer and songwriter who performs as one half of the band Not Twins.


Meytal and her work on the Women in Translation project have been featured in The Forward, ALTA, HaMussach, and other publications.

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